Bring ExC-ELL to Your School

Are you interested in learning more about ExC-ELL? Read on for detailed information about the professional learning services we offer. If you’re ready to bring a member of the ExC-ELL team to your school or district, or if you still have questions, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll be in touch!

ExC-ELL or ACE-LERA Institutes

The three-day ExC-ELL Institute provides the latest research and evidence-based practices (practices that have been tested with ELLs in mainstream, ESL, SPED, newcomer and SIFE classrooms, either self-contained or with mainstream students). We also offer the ACE-LERA institute in Spanish for dual-language educators interested in the same content. For the complete experience, add two days of lesson planning & coaching support after the ExC-ELL or ACE-LERA institute! The basic components of ExC-ELL and ACE-LERA training are:

  • Day 1: Vocabulary Instruction & Academic Discourse
  • Day 2: Reading Comprehension in all subject areas
  • Day 3: Writing Skills in all subject areas
  • Days 4 & 5: Lesson Integration, Teacher Learning Communities, and Peer Coaching with the ExC-ELL Observation Protocol™ (EOP™)

Typical Coaching Schedule

After the ExC-ELL or ACE-LERA Institute, the follow-up consists of three or more visits to each teacher’s classroom during the year to observe and give feedback on their performance. At the end of each day, an additional refresher mini-workshop or lesson development coaching session is offered. Administrators and other school leaders are invited to participate.

Each coaching day begins with a 45-minute overview for teachers and administrators on how to use the ExC-ELL Observation Protocol™ (EOP™) and the Walk-through of Instructional Strategies with ExC-ELL (WISEcard™).  Administrators and coaches are invited to shadow the ExC-ELL trainers and practice using the observation tools and giving specific feedback on ExC-ELL strategies.

Before the Coaching Day:

  1. Select six or seven teachers to be observed and coached
  2. Send in drafts of the lessons our ExC-ELL trainers will observe
  3. Ask teachers what they would like us to observe (e.g., ten minutes of vocabulary instruction, five minutes of Think-Aloud, ten minutes of partner reading, etc.)
  4. Create a schedule that includes time to observe each teacher plus ten minutes to give feedback (immediately after the lesson or later in the day)

Sample Coaching Schedule

8:00-8:45: Overview of EOP™
9:00: Classroom #1 Observation and Feedback
9:30: Classroom #2 Observation and Feedback
10:00: Classroom #3 Observation and Feedback
10:30: Break
10:45: Classroom #4 Observation and Feedback
11:30: Lunch
12:00: Classroom #5 Observation and Feedback
12:30: Classroom #6 Observation and Feedback
1:00: Classroom #7 Observation and Feedback
1:30-3:00: Mini-Workshop

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