Bring ExC-ELL to Your School

Are you interested in learning more about ExC-ELL? Read about The ExC-ELL Model and Research for detailed information about the professional learning services we offer, or see below for a menu of services. If you’re ready to bring a member of the ExC-ELL team to your school or district, or if you still have questions, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll be in touch!

Professional Learning Services We Offer

ExC-ELL Institutes

ACE-LERA Institutes for Dual Language

ExC-ELL and ACE-LERA for Coaches and Administrators

Onsite Coaching

Job-Embedded ExC-ELL Support

ExC-ELL for Specific Audiences

ExC-ELL for School-Wide Implementation

Support with Program Development

Evaluation Services

Curriculum Development

Dual Language Implementation & Monitoring

Social Emotional Learning

Equity/Social Justice

Reading Instructional Goals for Older Readers (RIGOR) Program

Technology Integration

ExC-ELL for Adult Learners

ExC-ELL for English as a Foreign Language

ExC-ELL for Mother Tongue

ExC-ELL for Higher Education

Dually Identified English Learners

ExC-ELL for Striving Readers (K-12)

Instructional Strategies for Parents and Families

Technical Writing

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