Download these free resources today! If you have attended an ExC-ELL Institute, you have seen several of these in action.
Have ideas for additional resources you’d like to see? Or your own examples you’d like to share with other educators? Email us! We’d love to add to this list!

A fun activity to create awareness of just how difficult English is! If you’ve attended an ExC-ELL Institute and found the Polysemous Words activity fun and meaningful, you can use these cards to lead the same activity in your school with your colleagues.

Provide this tool to your students for use during Numbered Heads Together or when practicing argumentative speech.

This resource supports students who are learning to formulate different types of questions.

A longer version of the resource above

Provide this tool to students as they work in teams to create questions.

The WISEcard ExC-ELL observation protocol can be used for self-reflection, lesson planning, peer coaching, conducting teacher research, administrator observations, collecting data for Teacher Learning Communities, and more!

Use this template to plan lessons and ensure that all components of ExC-ELL are present.

This table tent includes a plethora of information to help K-5 students practice academic language in the classroom.

During Numbered Heads Together, language monitors use these cards to reflect on the feedback they will give their peers.

This table tent includes a plethora of information to help students in grades 4-12 practice academic language in the classroom.

Students can use these bookmarks to preview the process of partner reading.

Students use this RAFT tool as they write out their RAFTs.

This tool lets you use transition words to assign partners for partner talk later.

This table tent includes tools to help students with drafting and writing conclusions.