Take a Virtual Museum Tour!

by Joanne Marino

Many museums across the globe have made virtual visits to their collections available online. With social distancing limiting our ability to visit museums in person, this is a perfect time to explore these virtual tours! Read on for just a few examples – and then look up your favorite museum, topic, or artist to find other virtual experiences you may enjoy!

British Museum, London, England

The Ancient Maya
This tour includes photographs of sites such as Tikal, Palenque, and Chichén Itzá; stone stelae; casts of monuments and inscriptions; pottery; carved jades; and other artifacts.
This video (07:36) shows how Mayan artifacts and hieroglyphics are recreated so the past is made available for people today.

View a collection of art and artifacts from Australia, New Guinea, and the many islands across the South Pacific Ocean.

American Museum of Natural History

Explore some of the features of the museum, such as the Titanosaur, a meteorite, and a giant sequoia tree.

Austrian National Library

This museum has an impressive collection of art and print, including elaborately decorated books and the oldest card catalog.

Stone Monuments in India

This is a tour of six of India’s stonework sites.

Louvre Museum, Paris

Take a virtual tour of this world-famous art museum by following the links below. As you scroll through each one, be sure to click the arrow to the right of each numbered artwork to read a full description.

Masterpieces of the Louvre, Denon Wing
This tour examines major works from the Italian Renaissance, including the Mona Lisa and the Winged Victory of Samothrace.

Masterpieces of the Louvre, Sully Wing
This tour includes major works of ancient Greek art including the Venus de Milo, as well as Egyptian art.

Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP), São Paulo, Brazil

Art From Brazil Until 1900
This tour presents a selection from MASP’s Brazilian painting collection, from the 17th to the 19th century.

Picture Gallery in Transformation
This exhibition focuses on figurative art and also includes works by artists frequently excluded from the Brazilian canon of art history.

The Museum of Popular Art, Mexico City, Mexico

Several virtual tours through the museum are available at this site, including an exhibit about Mexican dress inspired by nature and another about the Ofrenda of the Day of the Dead.

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, South Korea

The 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Korean Modern Masters: Yoo Youngkuk, 1916-2002
Yoo Youngkuk was a pioneer of Korean contemporary art. The works in this exhibit celebrate his talent.

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

This museum covers 800 years of Dutch art and history, from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery

This tour highlights portraits of important Black Americans.

Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy

The Uffizi contains one of the world’s most important collections of paintings. Take a virtual tour here – and be sure to use the 1 and 2 on the right to tour both floors of the museum!

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Take a virtual tour of this museum dedicated to the art, biography, and legacy of Vincent Van Gogh.

BONUS – Here are two more ideas for virtual tours:

In this video (29:29), Discovery Education tours Shakespeare’s family home, his father’s workshop, and his school in Stratford-Upon-Avon, as well as examining his life in London.

National Parks
Take a virtual tour of some of America’s national parks at this link.

Joanne Marino is an educator who provides professional development, coaching, and leadership support to schools with culturally and linguistically diverse students. Marino had a multifaceted career in education as a teacher (English as a second language (ESL) and social studies), materials developer, teacher trainer, and administrator.  Learn more about her on the ExC-ELL Team page.