We now offer a virtual version of the ExC-ELL Institute!

ExC-ELL is an evidence-based model of instructional practices for teaching academic language, vocabulary, discourse, reading comprehension, and writing skills in all content areas.
During the Institute, participants will learn and practice instructional practices that promote the development of content knowledge, language, literacy, and social-emotional competencies.
The ExC-ELL Virtual Institute is a blend of four live facilitated sessions and self-paced modules. Each two-hour live session is followed by self-paced implementation activities designed to help participants apply their learning to their own classroom or context.

The ExC-ELL Virtual Institute includes:

  • Opportunities to interact with facilitators and peers during the live sessions
  • Individual feedback from facilitators on self-paced work
  • An interactive Discussion Board
  • Meaningful application activities
  • Modeling of instructional strategies
  • All 12 componente of ExC-ELL
  • Social-Emotional Learning

To schedue a Virtual Institute for your school or district, contact us at mecalde@gmail.com

To learn more about the ExC-ELL Virtual Institute or to request a quote for your school/district, email us at mecalde@gmail.com!