Virtual PD That Anyone Can Attend!

  • Would you like to learn how to boost your students’ vocabulary development, academic language, reading comprehension, and writing skills – across all content areas?
  • Have you always wanted to learn the research-based ExC-ELL Model – but haven’t been able to find an institute near you?
  • Are you looking for ways to continue to hone your craft as an educator and/or earn professional learning credits?

Join us for our open registration Virtual Institutes!

The ExC-ELL Virtual Institute is all virtual, and delivered in three modules. Anyone can attend! Each module will be offered several times throughout the year to fit your busy schedule. We will also have special “bonus” sessions available on select dates.

Three Modules

The ExC-ELL Virtual Institute consists of three 2-hour modules:

  • Module 1: Vocabulary
  • Module 2: Reading
  • Module 3: Writing

To learn the full ExC-ELL Model, attend all three modules!

See below for more information on each module.

Special “bonus” modules that extend learning or focus on a current trend in education will be offered on select dates as well.

What’s included?

Attendees of each module can expect:

  • A fun & meaningful 2-hour virtual professional learning session
  • Opportunities to interact with colleagues and practice the instructional strategies you are learning
  • A digital toolkit to help you take what you learn back into your classroom or school
  • The option to add on personalized job-embedded support via virtual coaching


  • Registration: $200 per module
  • Register for a bundle of three modules at once for only $500!


We accept credit card, Paypal, and Purchase Orders (P.O.s)

Bonus modules will include topics like Diving Deeper into Vocabulary or How to Use ChatGPT in the Classroom. Pricing is the same as for other modules.

Learn More About Each Module & Register Below

Module 1: Vocabulary

Learning Outcomes

Learn, experience, and practice strategies for:

  • Understanding the research behind vocabulary instruction
  • Preteaching vocabulary in minimal time for maximum impact
  • Integrating effective vocabulary instruction into daily practice
  • Selecting vocabulary to preteach
Dates open for registration:

Module 2: Reading

Learning Outcomes

Learn, experience, and practice strategies for:

  • Integrating vocabulary with reading
  • Building comprehension during reading
  • Anchoring comprehension after reading
  • Engaging students in academic discourse and critical thinking

Dates open for registration:

Module 3: Writing

Learning Outcomes

Learn, experience, and practice strategies for:

  • Teaching students to draft, edit, and revise writing in all content areas
  • Connecting vocabulary, reading, and writing instruction in all content areas
  • Creative ways to get students to write more – and enjoy writing