Implementing & Infusing ExC-ELL into Your Lessons

We are frequently asked how ExC-ELL works with other programs and processes.  Sometimes we get the comment, "I don't have time to do MORE!  I don't have time to do this and the other things."

We understand the myriad of requirements our classroom teachers and other educators have to accomplish within any given day.  With that in mind, we work with schools, districts and individual teachers to see how to interweave, infuse, implement or even switch out strategies and activities while planning and delivering lessons so that more student centered, student focused and student engaged learning happens.

We have found that the 12 ExC-ELL lesson components easily work into whatever your curriculum, teaching style, classroom makeup or instructional program may be.  ExC-ELL is not something more to do. ExC-ELL  is  a way to do more in less time.  A way to use curriculum to teach any component of language to any learner in less time, less handouts, less teacher talk and less teacher energy.  Fortunately, the end result being that the learner does more: learns the target language AND the content at the same time. 

Here are a few documents we've shared in the past with participants, administrators, school districts and Department of Eds.

We'll add more as they come up.  If you don't see something you've been wondering about, just drop us a note and ask

Personalized Learning and ExC-ELL R (pdf)


Implementation Strategy Rollout Timeline Suggestion (pdf)


90 Min Block Schedule w ExC-ELL Example (pdf)


ESL Lesson Timeframe Example (pdf)