PreK-1st Grade Forms & Table Tent Examples

We are happy to provide our WISEcard EOPs, Lesson Integration Tools, Table Tent examples & other resources.

This section for PreK-1st grade ExC-ELL support is under construction.  Check back for updates. 

The WISEcards and Lesson Integration Tools are copyright protected, however, they are available for individual teacher classroom instructional use.  If you would like more information on how we use them or if you would like to use them outside of the classroom,
please contact us.

The Table Tents provided are examples of supportive phrases, academic vocabulary, sentence starters/frames and guides we have collected from the wonderful teachers we have had the pleasure of working with.  As examples, they are simply that, examples.

Please feel free to create your own and share with your colleagues.

If you'd like to share your creations with us, just let us know and if we feature them on our website, we'll give you full credit.  We would absolutely love it if some of our University folks would help us with Table Teants for their specific subject areas. Tiered vocabulary, Styles of Writing, whatever you would like to share.

EXC-ELL Lesson Integration Tool Multi-Word PreK Five Steps (pdf)


Pre-K-1 EOP WISEcard 2015 (pdf)


Self Print I Can Do It Storybook (pdf)