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ExC-ELLerating Language, Literacy & Content for ALL learners

Providing research-based Professional Development & Coaching for ALL educators, schools, districts & states for ALL content.

Margarita Calderón & Assoc.

Dr. Margarita Calderón


Founder & President,

Professor Emerita/Senior Research Scientist, Johns Hopkins

What is ExC-ELL?


In a nutshell, ExC-ELL is a comprehensive set of strategies and methodology for successful instruction of vocabulary, close reading and comprehension plus writing using content and subject matter across curricula at all grade levels.

Designed for ELs, but found effective for all learners.

Shawn Slakk


Vice President &
Senior Training Consultant

ExC-ELL Works - Just ask the Teachers and Students

“Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!  My wife and I are hooked.  This all makes sense! It makes lesson planning easier and teaching and delivery fun again.
The kids like it and succeed.”
T Thevenot, Social Studies teacher, Kingsbury High School  

"Such a wonderful learning experience! It was truly a pleasure learning from you and Elma last week. The ExC-ELL Institute was one of the more engaging, valuable, and productive professional developments I have been to in my 8 years of teaching. Thank you for dedicating your time to the creation and research of the ExC-ELL strategies. Your strategies will help to improve my teaching. I look forward to implementing all that I learned, and am excited for my class to be working hard while having fun."
E Craddock, Secondary Teacher, Virginia

 “It has been exciting to see teachers’ practice change and become more intentional around developing students’ vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing from their curriculum and subject after going through the ExC-ELL institute. Teachers are explicitly supporting students in language acquisition and development, and students are applying this knowledge in the general classroom to their learning.”
K Hamner, Director of Support and Professional Development, Office of Academics,
Shelby County Schools, Tennesee.

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